I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m Rob, dad to two teens, husband, recovering startup founder, volunteer EMT, and coach/consultant to creatives and executives. I love helping people live and work with greater ease.

This Very Moment is about just that: living easier with ourselves, in the here and now, which is all we ever have. I forget this, time and again. Some of what I write is me trying to remember.

I have lots of personal experience with grief, trauma, PTSD, and anxiety. Some of what I share are things that have helped me immensely on those fronts, and that I hope might be helpful to you, too.

I’m deeply curious about storytelling, writing, consciousness, meditation, Eastern philosophy, spending time in nature, and health & wellness. The through-line in all these explorations is self-discovery, and answering the question so aptly asked by the great Zen teacher John Tarrant, “What is this?

Other questions I’m exploring: What if I don’t know? How can I be a better parent/partner/friend/person? How can I listen better? How can we remember that we are—and always have been—enough? How can we help each other through this strange, lovely, occasionally brutal thing called life?

More than anything, I believe in the power of community, and in the importance of connection. I want to hear from you. I’d like to hear your stories. I’d certainly appreciate it, if anything here connects with you, if you’d let me know. Looking forward to meeting you.

My 10-second bio:

  • Married 17 years, dad to 2 teens, live in NY’s Hudson Valley

  • Former startup founder/CPO: Pump Audio (acq’d GYI), WHOSAY (acq’d VIA), Credit Key

  • Currently in a year-long meditation teacher training (ends Jan 2024)

  • Volunteer EMT since 2011, currently with Rhinebeck Fire Department, former interior firefighter

  • I’ve told stories and performed my songs on stage with The Porch

  • My writing’s been featured in Opium Magazine and Glamour

  • Spent most of my 20’s as a performing musician, signed (very!) briefly to Columbia Records

  • Taught and trained Muay Thai at Crunch (NYC), and Five Points Academy

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Writer, volunteer EMT, meditation teacher, ex-startup founder/CPO. Sharing stories, practices, and explorations into living easier with ourselves.